About us


Llandt Exports has been in existence since April 1998. In this time we have handled the procurement and logistics for a variety of projects in Southern Africa.

Our company objective is to provide customers with a holistic export service which ranges from sourcing, to price negotiations, to storage of your goods. We are also extremely proficient in transportation across borders, resulting in the safe delivery of goods to your door.

Our extensive product knowledge allows us to source the correct goods for your specific needs. With a vast network of resources enabling us to liaise with the many resources that exist in South Africa, in order to provide you with a quick and cost effective solution.

Customer Base

Our customers have included:

  • Tedzani III, Malawi
  • Kapichira Falls, Malawi,
  • Mukorsi Dam, Zimbabwe,
  • Bagamoyo Road, Tanzania,
  • Owen Falls, Uganda
  • Lesotho Highlands phase 1B, Lesotho
  • Foodworths, Malawi
  • Alliance One International, Malawi, Zambia, Tanzania
  • Team Security, Malawi
  • Stewarts and Lloyds, Malawi
  • Kapani Enterprises, Malawi
  • RE Works, Malawi
  • Safetech International, Malawi, Mali, Madagascar, Ghana, Zambia
  • Group 4 Security (G4S), Malawi, Ghana, Zambia
  • Skyband, Malawi
  • Waterboring Contrators, Malawi
  • British High Commission, Malawi
  • Mozambique Leaf Tobacco, Mozambique
  • Zambia Leaf, Zambia
  • John Deere, Malawi
  • Malawi Hotels, Malawi
  • University of Malawi, Malawi
  • New Africa Hotel, Tanzania
  • Octopus Security, Zambia
  • Presecure, Zambia
  • Impregilo, Malawi
  • Hoctief, Malawi
  • Lahmeyer International, Malawi
  • First Merchant Bank, Malawi
  • Africaleaf, Malawi
  • Mashonaland tobacco, Zimbabwe
  • Shire Construction, Malawi
  • Hawk Security, Malawi
  • Chipiku Stores, Malawi
  • Ursa Security, Malaw1
  • Ursa security, Zambia
  • European union, Malawi
  • European union, Botswana
  • Malilangwe trust, Zimbabwe

Our Service Offering

We have a diverse background, and as a result we are able to offer our
transport, procurement and logistics services for any range of products. In
order to simplify our service offerings we have listed them generically,


  • Sourcing suppliers
  • Negotiating prices
  • Advice on the correct specifications for the product that suits your needs
  • Sourcing products identified by client

We have an established supply chain with existing lines of credit and
long-standing trade references with many suppliers in South Africa and would
utilize this to simplify your purchasing function.


  • Taking delivery of your goods from various suppliers
  • Storing goods until all orders are received and ready to transport
  • Consolidating bulk orders
  • Packaging of goods for safe transportation
  • Quality control
  • Efficient customs clearing

We will ensure that what is ordered by your store / purchasing department,
is indeed what they receive. Each supplier delivers to our premises, the
goods are checked on arrival, against invoice, packed and labelled for
dispatch to your premises.

We utilize our warehouse and storage facility in Johannesburg, to receive
orders from various suppliers. We check the orders against each invoice to
ensure that they were adequately packed and labelled and issue a Unique
Goods Received number to each supplier for the particular invoice.
Once we have established that enough cargo has been received we organise a
container to be placed at our premises and pack for onward shipment to your

All necessary documentation is produced to ensure smooth passage through
customs and onward delivery to your premises.


  • Ensuring correct form of transport is used for the various products
  • Ensuring safe cross border transportation

If necessary for specific project purposes, we would engage the services of
a clearing agent in the relevant port of dispatch, for the necessary
clearing and processing of documentation for each shipment. This service is
specialized and needs to be handled correctly by professionals at the point
of dispatch.


As a small business, we have a flexible pricing structure.


For the majority of our quotations, we aim to respond within 24 hours,
unless it is a large contract or tender.


By llandt, by sea, by air we will get it there.